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Watch Surfers Tackle Some of the World’s Largest Waves

Maui is known for its massive waves. Although the neighboring island of Oahu is typically considered the epicenter of Hawaii surfing, Maui also boasts some world class waves. One of the largest waves in the world, Peahi, is located on Maui’s north shore on the road to Hana. Also known as “Jaws,” Peahi only breaks during the largest ocean swells. When it does break, however, it is a site to behold. Waves reach heights between 25-50 feet, equivalent to a 5 story building! During big swells the road to reach Peahi can become extremely crowded. To get to the surf spot itself requires driving down a dirt road that leads to a cliffside overlook.

One of the most accessible spots to watch big waves on Maui is Ho‘okipa Beach Park. Hookipa is located just outside of the small, eclectic north shore town of Paia on Hana Highway. There is a parking lot situated above the cliff where you can watch surfers, whales, and big waves. On the other end of the beach (towards Kahului) you can park along the guardrails and enjoy ocean viewing from the large, grassy cliff. While it’s not Peahi, the waves here are still impressive and jaw dropping. For more detailed information please visit

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