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A Maui Whale Watching Experience

When is Maui whale watch season?

If you are visiting Maui after December 20th through March you are in for a treat! It depends on the change of seasons, water temp and storms up in Alaska, but as soon as the water gets too cold the Humpback Whales make their annual visit to Maui.  The first humpback whale sighting this year in Hawaii was on September 29th near the small island of Niihau.  Peak whale watch season is February and March.  The last whales could stick around until April before they make their trek back to Alaska.

What do the whales do when they visit Maui?

The humpback whales are here to have fun just like you! They mate, give birth and enjoy the warm waters of Maui. They rarely feed if at all while they are here, and they are curious and fun to be around.

What is the best way to see whales in Maui?

Maui whale watching tours is truly an exceptional vacation value. You’ll enjoy a full two hour whale watch combined with snorkeling a beautiful coral reef.

Pride of Maui is the most stable and spacious boat on Maui with incomparable amenities including two restrooms, glass bottom, water slide, submerged boarding ladders, warm showers, a large hardwood bar and over 2500 feet of open deck space. During your whale watch cruise, these amazing animals will often display themselves in full glory, giving you the ultimate whale watching on Maui experience. You may witness a mother whale frolic with her calf or a full-grown adult breach exuberantly out of the water. Sightings of these playful behemoths, which grow as large as fifty feet and weigh about one ton per foot, are GUARANTEED on our Whale Watch Tour. Whales will be sighted, or your next whale watch tour aboard the Pride of Maui will be complimentary.

Pride of Maui – Whale Watch Tour

Enjoy guaranteed humpback whale sightings beautiful scenery, and snorkeling all at once on the Pride of Maui. The trip also boasts an open bar and grilled lunches. CLICK HERE for More Information

Join us for this amazing event in Maui and Call Luxurious Destinations at (888) LUX-DEST or (888) 589-3378 to BOOK Your Hawaii Vacation!

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